Robert did some important research for me in Massachusetts he was professional in every way and his approach was sincere.
He is a "first responder" in his locality and he will be first to admit that his will come first in his priorities,but he was helpful as well as engaging. He was the second researcher I had experience of and found him the better of the two. I believe you must be sure of the research you wish to be undertaken by him on your behalf and sure of the parameter's you wish him to search.
I subscribe to www.ancestry.com and have found some of the movements of ancestors in that medium.
But, in my enthusiasm in having  a researcher in California later found him producing information from the same website,thus in some cases paying twice for the same information,this however was not the case with Robert. Had it not been for my first encounter in California I would have not found the Massachusetts connection.
So, I truly believe that you will be safe with Robert in my experience.

Brian; U.K.


I have worked with Robert for 2 1/2 years. My father died when I was a year old and I had no information regarding his father or his grandfather. I was fortunate to have connected with Robert he was not only successful in finding a wealth of information on my fathers side but has continued to assist me in tracking some difficult lines to follow in my tree. 

Robert always keeps me updated on my searches and he is sure to validate sources. I appreciate his sensitivity when he finds something in his research that may be difficult to hear or find out about. He has an abundance of resources that are beyond my expertise. Definately work with Robert! He's helped me with two lines in my tree and I have two more I will need his assistance with.

Charlotte;  California, USA


Yes I would recommend Robert.  He has helped me find some very hard to find relatives.  In one situation, Robert found the burial place of one my ancestors, which led to 21 other ancestors buried in the same grave lot.  

Robert also has great follow-skills and a memory for details like an elephant.  Months after our initial finds, he found more information as he came across the records. I was so surprised to get more details. Robert has an excellent grasp on the records available in your time frames here is the US, and ship records etc.  

It was such fun to work with Robert. If there is info available to find, I trust Robert will find it for you.

Mary - Worcester, Massachusetts USA

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