Massachusetts Vital Records Research

UPDATED 18 January 2016

MA Registry of Vital Records Research

Birth - Marriage - Death Records from 1921 to Present

Divorce Records Index Search 1952 to Present 

I travel to the MA Archives and the MA Registry of Vital Records on a weekly basis to research and pull records.
I offer multiple record discounts. I offer a 20 year index search and a copy of the record.
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I offer a discount for multiple records from the same person, if paid for all at the same time.


I have been a professional genealogist since December 2010 and have received very positive ratings from my customers.

I specialize in tearing down so called genealogy brick walls. These are dead ends in the research of family members in your family tree. I specialize in that "outside the box" thinking that lets me get the job done for you.

If you would like a quote, please click for other research click on this link to receive a Request for a Research Quote and I'd be happy to review that for you after you have completed it and returned it to me. I will send you a quote or a request for more information promptly.

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