Thursday, March 31, 2016

Today; 31 March 2016 is World Backup Day

It really only takes a minute! It may take longer to backup every file you have, but it can only be an instant and everything is gone to cyber heaven (or hell... you decide)

An interesting web link about World Backup Day

I have my files backed up continuously through Dropbox but I also bought a 1TB (Terra byte) external hard drive that plugs into my PC and I just do a simple copy/ paste of my files, though they do include software to automate the process. Not such a bad idea is it?

My files are important and losing them? Not an option!

Happy World Backup Day 2016! 

30% Discount for AARP Members on ANCESTRY.COM (World Explorer Subscription) Ends Today; 31 March 2016

AARP members can get a 30% discount on their membership. This includes current members. The discount is applied to a yearly membership.

But hurry, today is the last day.

Details at

PS. I joined AARP for $16 for one year. I then went to and switched to the AARP Discount and saved $100- for the year over a subscription I was going to renew anyway.

The catch... I had to terminate my old plan that was set to renew in about 10 days. So I lost 10 days off the end of the membership...

I'd say it was worth $16 to join AARP and spend 10 minutes on the phone with

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Free Access to Irish Records on and a 10% Discount on Ancestry DNA through St Patrick's Day 2016 is allowing free access to their Irish records collection through St. Patrick's Day; 17 March 2016. The records can be searched here: Irish Records

Also Ancestry DNA is offering a 10% Discount off their $99- DNA test for the same time period. The test is $89 through April 17th DNA Test