Thursday, April 12, 2012

Brick Wall Week

I am going to skip forward a little in my Brick Walls! On my mother's side of the family I am working on my GGG-Grandfather and Grandmother. Their names are Richard Hyland and ___???__. Yep you read that right.

No clue at this point. I know she existed as she gave birth to my GG-Grandmother Margaret Jane Hyland Smith in 1833 in Dover, Kelso Township, Dearborn County, Indiana. Margaret was the oldest of the four children born to Richard's first wife, who at this point probably died during childbirth. The other children were Matthew Francis Hyland, born in 1834, Mary Hyland, born 1837 and Richard Hyland, born 1841.  We then located a marriage record between my GGG-Grandfather; Richard Hyland and Zemah Caldwell on 13 July 1843.

My cousin Kitty came up with a great idea last night and started a Yahoo Group called HYLAND_GENEALOGY for members of the Indiana and Ohio Hyland's to meet and discuss the brick walls in their lines.

Are you a descendant of the Hyland's of Ohio or Indiana? We know our GGG-Grandfather Richard Hyland deeded land to a Matthew Hyland who was a blacksmith in Cincinnati in 1836. The land was located in Dearborn County, Section 26, Township 7N, Range 2W which is in the present location of the town of Dover, Dearborn County, Indiana.

We are under the belief that Matthew and Richard were probably brothers. And then there is Mary Hyland who married Lawrence McGuire and moved into Dover as well. The McGuires and Hylands are neighbors on several of the US Census' in the late 1800's.

Join us on Yahoo groups where we can all discuss what we know about the Hyland's and just hang out. Hope to see you there!


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