Friday, April 13, 2012

The 1940 US Census; Who have You Found?

So I have been trying to find my family in the 1940 US Census. My Mom's family has been pretty easy. But my Dad's family was in Jackson Township, Dearborn County, Indiana in the 1930 US Census. The lived on 5 Points Road in a wide spot in the road called Hubbells Corner.

If you have followed my blog you may have seen a post yesterday about the Hyland's. The Hyland's roots are in Dover, Indiana which is about 5 miles East of Hubbells Corner right down North Dearborn Road and through New Alsace, bear left at the fork and straight into Dover.

Small world, isn't it?

Oh yeah, the 1940 US Census. The Ankenbauer's were pretty transient in those days. My Grandfather; Martin Ankenbauer was a salesman and the family moved to where he could find work. My guess is they are probably in Cincinnati since that is where my mom and dad met and married. But at this point I haven't located them. I know they are out there and I will find them soon enough.

My wife's family has been easy to locate. She grew up in Somerville Massachusetts. All 7 square miles of it. A census hunters dream.

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