Wednesday, March 14, 2012

February 1978, continued

In February 1978, the economy in good old Cincy was as bad as it could be. I had graduated  from Oak Hills High School on Ebenezer Rd in Bridgetown in 1977 and times were tough. Gas prices were through the roof at about $1.10, up from $.62 a gallon just a year before. (imagine only paying $1.10, as the prices here climb beyond $3.70 a gallon as I write this)

Oh, and I had just quit my job. I worked in an auto parts warehouse in the Over-The-Rhine section of Cincinnati, right around the corner from an old Cincinnati brewery. I worked for Ray, the manager and Joanne the book-keeper. I liked working there, but anyone who has worked in the auto parts business knows that advancement is very difficult.

February 1978 was a tough time for me. I was 18 years old, no job, a very unsure future and very real understanding of who I was. I was also broke. Not just a little broke, a lot broke. Actually completely broke.

Also, due to some youthful exuberance, I was also somewhat well know to the local Green Township Police, especially Officer Sweeney, who patrolled the area of the township I grew up in. I wasn't a criminal by any stretch, but I seemed to always draw the attention of Officer Sweeney. Maybe he recognized the potential I had... whatever that means.

After trying to figure out where I was headed in this life, I got a phone call one evening from the US Army recruiter. Talk about timing. I had received twenty or so calls since graduating high school. My Dad had been in the Marines, so this was such a long shot and I had been thinking about the military for quite sometime.

So what's a boy to do?

Check back next week for more on February 1978!

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