Saturday, February 11, 2012

Welcome to the Blog

Welcome. This is my inaugural blog post. I have had this page for sometime now, but didn't think I'd ever have anything to say that anyone else would care to read. That still may be the case? My name is Robert Ankenbauer and I'm a genealogist. I have been working on my own personal family tree for many years. On my dad's side of the family I have Ankenbauer and Suit.  On my Mom's side we add Trenary and Cormican.

I have been a professional genealogist since December 2010. I became a professional genealogist after solving questions in my family tree specifically related to the military service during the civil war of some of my relatives including my Great-Grandfather Thomas Jefferson Trenary. I have written a little about them on my website. I also solved a mystery with my Great Grandfather, Edward Ankenbauer. All I ever knew about him was that he was killed in an accident.

Edward was a firefighter working for the Underwriters Insurance Corporation in Indianapolis Indiana in 1919 when he was killed in an accident while responding to a fire alarm. His fire truck collided with an Indianapolis Fire Truck also responding to the alarm. Captain Clifton T Lowes, of the Indianapolis Fire Department was also killed and 8 other firefighters were injured in the accident.

Captain Lowes was added to the Indianapolis Firefighter Memorial a few years ago. I petitioned the Indianapolis Firefighter Memorial to add Captain Edward Ankenbauer and he will be added in September 2012.

You can read more about  the accident on my website or by clicking here.

Busting these long standing brick walls in my family history caused me to realize that I had missed a calling in my life and after months of preparation, I launched my part time business "Yesterday's Mysteries" In December 2010.

Marian Pierre-Louis is offering a free webinar this Wednesday, 15 February 2012 at 2pm Eastern time. The Webinar is about busting those brick walls we all encounter. You can find out more on Marian's blog at

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